Best Santoku Knife – The Top 10 picks of 2021!

The United States is a country where people are extremely fond of cooking. Since they are fond of cooking, they require the best equipment that can make their work easy and quick. One of that equipment is the knife. The knife comes in many styles and designs; one of them is known as the Santoku Knife. The Santoku knife is a Japanese-made or Japanese-designed knife, which comes with excellent features. People in the United States always want the things that come with multiple uses or virtues, which is the case with the best Santoku Knife.

You might be wondering, why are these knives called the SANTOKU knives? Well, the answer lies here in this article, just ahead. The word Santoku means “Three uses,” which is what the knife is known for. With the best Santoku knife, you can’t just slice things, but also you can dice and mince. This usage or functionality of the knife makes it a tri-functional knife, which is what the people want in the Country. The top edge of the blade is aligned with the handle, while the blade has a flat edge for cutting. Unlike ordinary knives, these knives come with a rounded end, which is called the sheep’s foot.

On the cutting surface, you wouldn’t find the flat blade performing as fast and quick as the chef’s blades. In order to cut fast and quickly, you will have to get used to it and will have to do the practice to a greater extent. They are not very long and weighing. Instead, you would find them short and lightweight, which allows you to hold them easily and work comfortably. Moreover, they are thinner than the western-designed chef’s knives. They usually are 7 inches in length. Anyway, let me take you to the best Santoku knife’s best picks, which will give you more knowledge and guide.

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The Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 7-Inch Santoku is one of the best Santoku Knives that come with an excellent build and remarkable features. This Santoku knife is made in Germany and features a stamped blade hardened with ice. This build makes it worth buying for the best dishes and cooks. It is the perfect mix or blend of the maximum weight and balance; you will do it very effectively and quickly. All thanks to its multiple rivets that hold the knife together and allows you to do even the heavy-duty tasks easily.

As for the handle, the Santoku knife comes with a perfectly hand-matched handle, which lets you hold the knife with all the power and easiness. The blade measures around 7 inches, allowing you to experience the fine cutting, dicing, and mincing right away. The hollow grinds on the Santoku knife’s blade prevent the material from sticking to the blade. So, in total, all of this functionality and features make this the best Santoku Knife for beginners and for intermediates as well.

The Shun Cutlery Premier 7” Santoku Knife is the knife that people dream of getting, and some even buy it. People and the reviewers like me are amazed by, what the knife can do, and with what accuracy it does. This knife is the best Santoku knife in the premium category, which delivers excellent performance, and does everything perfectly. The price tag is way higher than you think, and in my opinion, the Santoku knife justifies the price tag with its performance. Whatever you throw at the knife, it would get you the job done in the easiest and lightest manner possible.

The Santoku knife carries a blade that is constructed of one of the best and premium steel called the VG super max steel. On both sides of the blade, you would find 34 layers of Damascus Cladding, making the blade the sharpest and premium one. The blade has a hammered finish allowing you to cut the tougher foods and easy release of the solid vegetables and fruits as well. As for the handle, the knife has a pakkawood walnut-colored handle giving it a more than premium look right away. It has a 7 inches blade.

The Global 7-inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife is another expensive and best Santoku knife, which comes with excellent power, and abilities as well. It features a lifetime warranty, which makes you wonder about the build and uniqueness of the Santoku knife. So, let’s know about it right away. This Santoku knife is a little bit different in terms of handling, design, and blade. You wouldn’t find these three things the same as they are in the other Santoku knives. It is designed in a single piece of metal, which includes its handle and its blade.

The material is premium stainless steel. As I said, the knife doesn’t have a separate handle. Instead, it comes with a single-piece construction. It can be a little bit dangerous as if by any means, the knife gets wet or slippery; you might end up injuring your hand or other parts. For stability over the handle, it is imprinted in the shape of dimples. The blade doesn’t require any sharpening, as it is already the sharpest, and would do all your cutting needs in the quickest and easiest way possible.

The MAC Knife MSK-65 Professional Hollow Edge Santoku Knife comes with a design, which makes it a total pleasure, and fun to use. It doesn’t matter what sort of task you give to the Santoku knife; it would deliver what is expected of it. The Santoku knife comes with a sharp blade and lightweight design making it easy to hold and work with. Moreover, the Santoku knife has all the elements balanced and right, so you won’t be facing any problems while using the masterpiece.

Whether you are using the knife for vegetable cutting, chicken opening, or fish filleting, this Santoku knife will be extremely useful in all of them and would get the task done right away. The knife is pretty easy and effortless to use, and above all, you would find it extremely easy. So, if you find this Santoku knife matched with your needs or requirements, you must go for it.

The Mac Knife Superior Santoku Knife is the predecessor of the MAC Knife MSK-65 Professional Hollow Edge Santoku Knife; it has some right and accurate features that are enough to get the daily kitchen hacks done. Starting with the build, the Santoku knife comes with the construction of stainless steel having a high carbon ratio. In addition to that, the Santoku knife is extremely lightweight and well-balanced as well. In short, you would have a great time cutting, mincing, and dicing the vegetables and fruits.

The knife’s blade is sharper and cuts things accurately. You would see three rivets of single size placed against the handle of the Santoku knife. This keeps the knife together and makes it stronger to cut tougher things. The Santoku knife has a pakkawood constructed handle having a pretty amazing finish. It is an easy to handle and high-performing Santoku knife, which will be of great assistance to you in the kitchen.

The ZELITE INFINITY 7-Inch Alpha-Royal Santoku Knife is an accurate blend of beauty and performance. This Santoku knife comes from Japan and works like that as well. You might get deceived by the beauty and looks of the knife, but not by the performance. The cooking and cutting have never been so much fun, all thanks to this Santoku knife. On the blade, you would find the Damascus tsunami rose pattern, giving it an amazing and premium look right away. The knife is constructed out of stainless steel having high carbon 67 layers making it a stronger, sharper, and high performer.

The knife’s blade comes tempered with liquid nitrogen, which compels the knife to outperform in the kitchen. The hollow grounds don’t allow the food to stick to the blade. The handle carries three rivets with the three mosaic metal patterns. The handle is pretty ergonomic and allows the user to hold it steadily and strongly. In short, the knife is one of the best Santoku knives ever made in the market.

The Misono UX10 Santoku 7.0” (18cm) is an excellent and one of the best Santoku knives. The only thing that might disappoint you about the knife is the heavy construction. Some people might not be able to deal with it, while some will be very happy with it. This Santoku knife is a little bit expensive, but performing as well. The Santoku knife is constructed of stainless steel from Sweden, making it a high quality and extraordinary piece of crafting. You get to have the brilliant edge retention, and with that, the ease of use.

It has a balanced and durable blade, which is thin, but not enough to break down. It comes with the full tang following the handle, which is held by three full-sized rivets. The handle is pretty aesthetic and ergonomic enough to be held comfortably and easily in hand. The edge is pretty sharp and cuts all the materials with ease and quickness.

The Shun Premier 7-inch Knife – VG-MAX Blade Steel is the best Santoku knife that is crafted by hands in Japan, its origin. It has an excellent and attractive design, which makes it even better to be placed in the kitchen. On the blade, you would find the Japanese pattern of design, and a logo may be translated as the Shun. The blade of the Santoku knife is made from the VG max super steel for absolute and high performance. Whether it be the cutting, dicing, and mincing, the knife would do everything easily.

The handle comes with the ebony pakkawood construction, which is again a plus point of one of the best Santoku knives. The knife delivers smooth cuts but doesn’t feel very light in hand. It has a slightly heavyweight and a higher price tag. You might change your decision to buy this Santoku knife after knowing the price and the weight of the tool. If you are comfortable with all of it, you have the green light to go for the Santoku knife.

About the Tojiro DP Santoku knife, I would recommend you not to be deceived by its height. Instead, be impressed with it. What it can do with such height is far greater than what long sized Santoku knives can do. It delivers the same performance and speed or even better as compared to other Santoku knives. This Santoku knife comes with an affordable and reasonable price tag but lacks the warranty, which is the must-have element for any Santoku or an ordinary knife.

The knife with the handle is held by three rivets giving it a strong and powerful hold right away. The handle is made of a material, which doesn’t allow your hand to slip while working, which is an excellent thing. The Santoku knife, apart from all those features, also has a well-balanced build, so you can work, cut, and do whatever you want to do easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best brand of the Santoku knife?

The Zelite Infinity is the best brand that delivers the best Santoku knife in the huge models, quantity, and quality. One of those best knives is the ZELITE INFINITY 7-Inch Alpha-Royal Santoku Knife, which is an excellent piece of engineering and crafting. It is, being the high performer, equally beautiful as well. With the great patterns and designs, it would outclass your kitchen right away.

Q2. What is a Santoku Knife best used for?

The Santoku knives are the multiple functions holders. They are not just used for the slicing, but also for the dicing and mincing. They are great meat slicers and mincer and are specially used by the people who often cut or slice cheese into very small pieces.

Q3. What is the size Santoku knife best?

The Santoku knife, which is ideal for small to medium cutting jobs, is around 5 inches, which would do great. But, if you are in need of the Santoku knives that carry the standard blade size, then you might consider looking for the 5.5 inches Santoku sizes in no time.

Q4. Are Santoku knives any good?

Yes! The word Santoku itself means “three uses.” This automatically makes that perfect picture of the knife having multiple uses. So, unlike other chef knives, you wouldn’t have to have different knives for each task. Instead, you can use a Santoku knife that can do all of it being a single piece of metal.