Santoku knife can be used in several ways. Following are its top uses: 

Top Uses Of  Santoku Knife:

For slicing, both Santoku and chef knives are great. However, the usage of both types of blades can come with slight differences. The Santoku knife was designed for making swift vertical cuts, which makes it ideal for slicing vegetables like carrots and cucumbers. Chef knives are typically more suited to produce horizontal slices, which is why they are often the preferred choice when cutting tomatoes or other round vegetables that need to be cut in half.

A Santoku knife is perfect for this task due to the blade’s angle and its straight edge. Chef knives are also great for chopping vegetables, but they have a straight edge that makes it challenging to get the blade into small spaces. With its angled blade, a Santoku knife can efficiently deliver more acceptable consistency than a chef knife.

A Santoku is a perfect companion for your cutting board when you need to mince garlic or parsley. It is because of their shape and weight, which allow gliding through the food. You will find it hard to achieve that same consistency with a chef knife as it does not have the right shape and weight. 

When it comes to cutting vegetables into long, thin strips, you will find a Santoku helpful knife. You can use them to julienne carrots, cucumbers, and even potatoes for a variety of purposes. A chef knife is not well suited for this purpose as it has a curved edge that will not allow you to make straight cuts. The straight edge makes it easy to create long, thin cuts that add a different flair to a salad or a stir-fry dish.

A Santoku knife is ideal for carving because of its thinner blade. It is also easier to maneuver around non-smooth surfaces, which is perfect when working with meats, poultry, or other foods that stick to the knife. The chef knife’s straight edge can make it tough to carve pieces out of meats and other foods.

Santoku knives are great for when you want to work quickly when cooking with fish, seafood, or other ingredients that are soft, squishy, or slippery. It is also great for cutting up lobster shells.
Cleaning fresh fish is quick and easy with a Santoku knife. The thinner blade allows you to slide the blade under the meat, making it easy to remove it from the bones softly and effortlessly.

The thin blade of the Santoku knife is perfect for carving large cuts of meat like beef and pork. Chef knives are great for cutting thinner, smaller pieces of meat like chicken, but they are not ideal when working with large cuts of meat. The straight edge on a chef knife makes it challenging to carve thick pieces of steak or other types of flesh.
Santoku knives are also great for slicing bread without having to cut through the entire loaf. A straight edge on a chef’s knife makes it challenging to get the blade between the slices without cutting through it.

A Santoku knife is excellent for chopping because of its straight edge. The straight edge quickly makes it easy to chop food into smaller pieces without having to turn your Santoku knife around in your hand so you can chop on the opposite side. While chopping, the straight edge can remain in contact with the cutting board at all times, which allows for more efficient chopping than when using a chef knife.

Note: When using a Santoku knife to carve a steak, use your thumb and index finger on the non-cutting side of the Santoku knife, which will push up on the meat and allow you to cut along tastes.

List of Top Santoku Brands

This brand offers a complete line of professional cutlery for both chefs and home cooks. From the iconic 4 star series to the stylish G-series, Global is known for its stainless steel blades, patented edge retention system, and the world’s thinnest blade.

Home cooks and professional chefs alike have widely acclaimed knives of this brand. They have been known to have an outstanding balance between quality, performance, and affordability.

This brand offers a complete line of cutlery for restaurant professionals and home cooks alike. Wexler’s brand focuses on the chef and the needs of the chef to bring innovative products to market. Their signature knives are designed with superior quality, ergonomics, and performance.

For more than a century, the Chicago Cutlery name has been synonymous with quality and value. Their knives are handcrafted to exacting standards and values that ensure a perfect cut every time. They also pride themselves on having the best warranty in the industry.

Mercer Culinary is known for its high-quality kitchen knives and implements. They have an innovative goal to be an essential resource for culinary professionals around the world. Their products are designed to help you prepare delicious meals at home every day of the year with ease, confidence, and passion.

Miyabi knives are known for their Japanese aesthetics and Japanese craftsmanship. They offer a full line of professional cutlery and kitchenware to numerous professionals and home cooks alike. From their high-end knives to their stylish bamboo cutting boards, they have the ultimate in Japanese craftsmanship.

Tojiro knives are made using the latest technologies and the best materials available in Japan. Their products are designed to ensure maximum sharpness, cutting efficiency, balance, comfort, and durability for the overall performance of the knife. It is a Japanese brand that offers a complete line of cutlery from kitchen knives to sushi knives.

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This article gives a detailed analysis of a Santoku knife, its uses, and its importance. As you can see, it has many applications, and it is one of the most accessible types of blades to use. It plays an essential role in many aspects of our lives, and we cannot live without it.